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An overview of the Melton curriculum

Melton School YEAR 1 (Fall 2013)

Rhythms of Jewish Living
(30 lessons)
What’s the point of living Jewishly? What ideas, beliefs, and practices are involved? This course examines a wide variety of Jewish sources to discover the deeper meanings underlying Jewish holidays, lifecycle observances, and Jewish practice.

Purposes of Jewish Living
(30 lessons)
Why do Jews believe as they do? What are the big questions of life and how do Jewish thinkers answer these questions? This course explores sources both ancient and modern in pursuit of answers to many of the major issues of Jewish thought and theology.

Melton School YEAR 2  (Fall 2014)

Ethics of Jewish Living
(30 lessons)
How do Jewish teachings shed light on contemporary issues such as the environment, inter-personal relationships, end-of-life decisions, and stem-cell research? This course explores the wisdom of ancient and modern rabbis, scholars and thinkers, offering multiple Jewish approaches to conducting our lives in the communal and private spheres.

Dramas of Jewish Living Throughout the Ages
(30 lessons)
What are the lessons of Jewish history — from the earliest wanderings of Abraham to today’s turmoil in Israel? How do the turning points in Jewish history influence our lives today? This course investigates how the Jewish past gives meaning to the Jewish present.


Adult Jewish Education @ Midreshet Rockland courses begin in February, and registration is open now. Classes are held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings and we offer Wednesday and Thursday "Lunch & Learn" courses as well. Read about our Spring 2014 courses here. 


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