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Where do your Donation dollars go?

Jewish Federation of Rockland County supports a wide range of projects right here at home and across the country and around the world. These are our partner agencies and organizations. Together, we make extraordinary things happen.



Grant Recipients for 2012-2013

These are some of the recipients of this year's compelling needs grants for promoting Jewish life and activities within Rockland County. If you are interested in learning about how your group could receive a grant from Jewish Federation of Rockland County, contact Executive Director Diane Sloyer at 845.362.4200 ext.133. or email

Hillel -Rockland Birthright Israel Alumni Community

Rockland Birthright Israel Alumni Community (RBAC), a program of Hillel of Rockland, is designed to continue the Jewish journey that began on Birthright Israel and to expand upon the multiple connections created for Rockland Birthright Israel participants: connection to Jewish identity, to Israel, to the Rockland Jewish community and to fellow alumni and trip leaders.

Hillel-Jewish Unity Project

This project consists of a series of programs designed to foster unity, mutual respect and deeper understanding among Jews of different backgrounds and affiliations. The programs will also educate participants about core Jewish beliefs, values and traditions. Programs will include a musical concert; charity sport tournament; art show; interactive theatrical program, Israel Fair and Shabbat celebration. The focus of all programs will be to bridge real or perceived gaps between the varied identities of Jews by promoting dialogue, tolerance and shared commitment to the future of Israel and the Jewish people.

Jewish Student Leadership Institute 2012-13

The goal of this program is to develop the Jewish identities and leadership potential of emerging young Jewish adults (age 17-21). A select group of students (15 per semester) will commit to participate in a series of activities throughout the semester, including: seminars and discussions on Jewish contemporary issues, ranging from current events in Israel to Jewish views on dating and marriage and other topics of relevance to young adults

New City Jewish Center
Young Members Association Expansion of Programming

The Young Members Association (YMA) strives to serve as a social/cultural/religious conduit to the next generation of young adults with and without families in Rockland County. Formed three years ago, YMA has served as an entry point for many member and non-member community families into Jewish life by providing creative and fun adult social programming. Successful programs include the very popular “M&M Shabbat” geared towards families with children in pre-school, “Super Bowl Birthday in a Bag” social action project for adults and kids of all ages and the “YMA Progressive Dinner” just for adults. All programs are offered at a low cost to encourage attendance and are open to anyone regardless of synagogue affiliation.

CSI Nyack
Vision Lecture Series

In order to help enhance Jewish learning and awareness of what the Jewish world can offer today, CSI created a Visions Lecture Series this past year. Through the nine lectures that were part of the series, we brought in an incredible variety of lecturers. The lecturers included Rabbi Yehiel Grenniman from Rabbis for Human Rights, Ishmael Khaldi (the first non-Jewish Israeli ambassador), Cantor Ramon Tasat (originally from Argentina), Rabbi Andrea Myers (one of the first Lesbian rabbis), Peter Geffen who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Rabbi Sara Hurwitz (first woman Orthodox rabbi), Christopher Rothko (son of famous artist Mark Rothko), Rabbi Ron Hoffberg (Conservative rabbi in Prague), and famous author Rabbi Reuven Hammer. In order to continue the lecture series next year, we are seeing funding from the Federation.

Young Adult Outreach Programming

There is a need for programming for young adults that is not within the walls of the synagogue. Our success in reaching out to this group has already been felt, but the only way we can continue this is by receiving additional funding. Outreach to this population will create meaningful social and social action programs for young adults Our goal is to bring new young adults who are not otherwise Jewishly active into synagogue life through these programs We have a partnership with this restaurant (Art Café), and we have decided to have monthly “Parties on the Porch,” which include Israeli music, Israeli food, and lots of socializing. We are looking to expand these programs and incorporate Social Action projects.

Nanuet Hebrew Center, Temple Beth Sholom and OJC
TAP-Torah and Avodah Program

Between the 3 Synagogues, 450-500 children will be served. Other Synagogues are welcome to participate.. 4 collaborative programs are being planned-Halacha through Mitzvot “welcoming guests” around the holiday of Sukkot. Bringing and donating food to the Rhoda Bloom Pantry., Ecology is a Jewish Cause-program around Tu B’Shvat, srael Program and a Purim celebration

OJC Special Education

OJC Hebrew school welcomes all types of learners and finds individual strategies to assist these students and their families to succeed in Jewish learning. With an increase of 20 percent enrollment more funding is needed. In addition to different strategies, we provide smaller class setting, individual support, shadows. In addition to educational director, a full time learning specialist (60, 2 hour sessions). An individual plan is developed for each student and family to ensure the success of the child. NEFESH (Nurturing Education for families and exceptional students- Halleluyah) Housed at OJC but open and utilized by the entire community, this project provides programs and resources and support for Jewish Children and their families through a communal network of lectures, workshops, movies and discussions, offering a safe haven for these families that enable them to come together.

Rockland Jewish Family Service
Case Management for Holocaust Survivors

Specialized case management for Holocaust survivors in Rockland County. Receives additional support from the claims conference. Last years federation grant provided another 300 hours of case management. There is increased need as this population continues to age.

Home Care for Holocaust Survivors

Began in 2009, also supported by the Claims Conference, the 80 plus population is the fasted growing segment in the county. More homecare is needed and this grant would enable this vital service.

Total Teen Experience

Collaborating with the Federation< Israel bonds, RJCC, JCC, placing teens with Asperger’s Syndrome and high functioning autism in work situations to learn skills. This program is for 15-19 years olds, this camp begins at 9:30 and they work at their job from 9:30-12:30 with a director supervisor from RJFS with them at all times. Their lunch time is held in a group session with a licensed therapist and afternoons include art, exercise and classes on nutrition in collaboration with the russin fitness center of the JCC. Although families pay, many cannot after the tuition and this grant helps these families pace their young adults in a constructive summer environment.

RJFS Traditions

The outreach committee of RJFS has been bringing Jewish Culture to adults with developmental disabilities through a collaborative partnership with ARC. In the past few years the program has expanded to include Alzheimer’s and dementia. Rituals, food, smells and ,traditions often help provide recall in that it is so familiar. We gather for holidays and Jewish cultural celebration-both the patients and the caregivers.

Holocaust Museum and Study Center

Survivor Station-interactive audio visual exhibit This project began last year with the hopes of finishing by 2013. We are creating an educational experience for future generations through video montages of survivor testimony. The population is aging and it is crucial to capture their stories. We will have two units-one in the museum and one available to take to the schools, reaching 1000’s a year for Holocaust education.

Tisha Ba’Av Program

Last year, due to this grant, the first communal Tisha Ba’av programs was held at the HMSC, attracting over 300 people. Men, women, young old and even ultra orthodox and Hassadic populations attended. Bringing together such a range of people for a day of reflection was a step toward collaboration, building tolerance and understanding.

Rockland Jewish Academy
RJA Scholarship Fund

RJA is a new liberal Jewish Day School in Rockland County. Due to the high cost of private education, a grant to the scholarship fund will allow the RJA to offer scholarships.

Rockland Jewish Academy
RJA Start Up Fund

RJA will be filling a void left in the community with the closing of the Reuben Gittelman Hebrew Day School. As with any new endeavor, there are legal fees, building permits, and other one time costs associated with start ups

JCC Senior Adult Program

4,000 senior adults use the JCC senior adult center every year. Using this central address, the participate in an active senior community of lectures, film discussions, exercise classes, trips, musical events, card games and much more.

Jewish Cultural Arts

The second annual cultural arts festival promotes the best of contemporary Jewish visual performing and literary arts including dance, film, theater, literature, music, etc, created by Jewish artists from throughout the world.

JCC Israel Programs

Building on the success of a Shaliach, which the JCC hosted for two years, the JCC would like to continue Israel programming through an array if Israel programs for the community. 4-6 lectures/panel discussions will be held and there will be a spring program for American and Israel teens

JCC The Jr.Macabbi Games

This is a 1 day sports tournament fro Jewish boys and girls ages 10-12. JCC’s in the northeast host this one day tournament and building on the excitement of these summer games, the JCC will be hosting Jr. Macabbi in the Spring of 2013 expecting 350-500 participants.

JCC Mitzvah Day

Put together by the Mitzvah Makers, a core group of 25 teens that are part of teen programming at the JCC. Mitzvah Day engages kids in grades 6-12 in Mitzvah projects and community service projects each spring. 10-25 projects are incorporated on a yearly basis including a blood drive, spin-a-thon, car wash, etc. This creates a hands on connection to Social Action and Jewish values.