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Do a Mitzvah

In our tradition, we call Chanukah the miracle of lights. Each night, after we light each candle in our menorahs, we take part in another tradition; we give and get gifts.

This year COVID and the economic downturn has meant not everyone will get gifts.

That’s why it’s a perfect time to take our Chanukah traditions both “on the road” and online and give a gift to someone who isn’t on your list.

Midreshet 2021

Ready or not, spring is coming. That means the descriptions of Jewish Federation’s spring adult Jewish education classes are ready for you, too. This semester Federation is offering five classes to choose from

  • Exploring sex in the Bible from Rabbi Dan Pernick
  • Hollywood movies and Jewish thought from Rabbi Brian Leiken
  • The words of Jews in historic America from Sharon Halper
  • Bioethics and addressing such issues as abortion, genetic engineering, and the many that have come up during the pandemic from Rabbi Jill Hackell
  • Careers and writing of prominent rabbis of the 20 th and 21 st centuries from Leslie Goldress.

Classes begin on Wednesday, January20, and Thursday January 21 on Zoom. Tell your friends! The more the merrier…no limit on class size…students can hail from anywhere in the country…or the world…and you don’t have to be Jewish! All you need is curiosity and a willingness and desire to learn! See you in January!

Doing Jewish

It’s what we do every day. Whether it’s the food we favor…a bagel with shmear… or the drive to repair the world…tikkun olam, we Jews are there, especially in Rockland County, where there are plenty of opportunities. We plan to bring some of them to you every week, on Friday, for a new, sometimes fun, sometimes serious way for Doing Jewish.

  • Catching your breath...not so easy these days with all the distractions and distress around us. Listen to Rabbi Craig Scheff's words about this week's Torah portion and looking for reasons for hope even during the times we're living in.

Community impact

THANK YOU everyone! You helped Federation fill these food boxes so Rockland Jewish Family Service could give them out to 275 Rockland families. You're all heroes! THANK YOU for helping Federation help our community.

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