22 2013

"A Pastor's Journey to Judaism" Featuring Guest Speaker Former Pastor, Yaak

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Chabad Jewish Community Center 315 North Main Street
New City, NY 10956

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The Intriguing Story of an Evangelical Pastor and his Discovery of Judaism A fascinating personality, Yaakov Parisi will be telling his story at Chabad of Rockland. Once an Evangelical Christian Pastor, Yaakov will share his intriguing story of how he and his wife explored the roots of their faith in search for the truth, and arrived at the doorstep of Judaism. In 1992, Jack Parisi was the Pastor of an Evangelical Christian Church in Oklahoma. Fascinated with what he considered the roots of his faith, the Old Testament, he began searching for clarity and greater understanding of its meaning. He inspired his congregation to keep the Sabbath on Saturday and proposed other radical changes. Thus began a personal spiritual journey for Jack and his wife Sally, ultimately leading to their conversion to Judaism in 1998 and their Aliya to Israel. Come hear the awesome and inspiring behind the scenes story complete with many challenging and amusing moments. Yaakov and Sarah Parisi (their new Jewish names) are now Torah Observant Jews who have completed their journey and reside in Israel.