24 2022

How to Train Your Anger: Managing Behavior Problems in Children

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

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Dr. Ronit Mayerson presents an explanation of the origins of anger and why it is relevant. The presentation reveals the biology of anger and how it develops. Participants learn about what happens to us physiologically when we experience anger. Strategies for conquering unhealthy bouts of anger are illustrated step by step in an evidenced based process that is called the Anger Control Chain. A six-step process is reviewed and begins by identifying key traits that lead to escalation and follows through with post-evaluative steps that teach self-regulation. This is a child-centered presentation but is adaptable to those of all ages.
This is a webinar presented by Hudson Valley Region Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs. A copy of the flyer with additional details may be found at hvrfjmc.org. Contact Hal Marcus at Hmarc57@yahoo.com or call 914-443-7202 for the Zoom invite.

Sponsor: The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs - Hudson Valley Region (FJMC-HVR) - The Bart Bookman Community Education Program