23 2016

Celebrate Simkhat Torah At Beth Am Temple

7:00PM - 7:45PM  

Beth Am Temple 60 East Madison Ave
Pearl River, NY 10965
8457355858 info@bethamtemple.org

Contact Rabbi Daniel Pernick

Join the joyous service of Erev Simkhat Torah beginning at 7 pm on Sunday, Oct. 23 at Beth Am Temple. The celebration of reading and learning Torah features singing and dancing and the ceremonial unrolling of the Torah scroll while it is held up by everyone at the service. Simkhat Torah marks the end of the annual cycle of reading Torah and begins the new cycle with the story of creation and Genesis Chapter 1. The Erev Simkhat Torah service is fun, brief, and appropriate for children and open to the public.

Beth Am Temple is a reform temple, which embraces tradition and draws its congregation from Rockland County and northern Bergen County, NJ. It is located at 60 East Madison Ave in Pearl River, NY. Learn more at www.bethamtemple.org or call 845-735-5858.