25 2014

Under the Same Sun: JCC Rockland Jewish Film Festival

7:30PM - 10:00PM  

AMC Theatres at Palisades Center Mall 1000 Palisades Center Drive
West Nyack, NY 10994

Contact Lori Mellon
845-362-4400 ext. 17

Under the Same Sun Guest Speaker: Susan Koscis, Special Projects Director for Search for Common Ground. Set in the near future, it is the highly dramatic story of two businessmen, Shaul Cohen, an Israeli and Nizar Ahmad, a Palestinian. They set out to make money and wind up making peace. They must deal with strong opposition to cooperating and overcome hositility from the people around them. They work together to set up a solar energy company. Nizar is the subject of fierce attacks on Facebook and from his own family for promoting "normalization" with Israelis. Fearing for his life, he cuts off contact with Shaul. Determined to continue, Shaul decides that he should go to Ramallah to see Nizar, even though Israeli Jews are forbidden to travel to Palestinian areas. Shaul shows up at Nizar's house. They recognize that their business will have little chance of success without peace. Mounting an appeal on Facebook brings popular support to both their venture and to the peace negotiations. Their Facebook campaign resonates with millions of Israelis and Palestinians, and they register a huge number of "likes." Support for peace surges in both societies, and the politicians finally sign a treaty.