Community Relations


Federation’s Community Relations Committee, under the leadership of Richard Levin and Evan Karzhevsky, has advanced the Federation’s advocacy agenda and responded to growing challenges over the past year. Rockland has the highest Jewish density of any community in the US (31%+). We work to bridge divides in the community, building mutual understanding and respect - and beyond the Jewish community, allying with other vulnerable and targeted communities in Rockland.


Significantly CRC has:

  • Developed and delivered programs with speakers such as Tom Friedman, Gil Hoffman, and Stephanie Hausner who gave insight into the challenges facing Israel ahead and in the aftermath of one of the most significant elections in its short history;
  • Created a public memorial program for victims of local hate crime in partnership with ADL and the Town of Ramapo;
  • In partnership with JCC Rockland, created a successful Israel @ 75 celebration for the entire community, including music, food, crafts and many activities celebrating Israel;
  • Worked with local media to educate and consult on antisemitism issues resulting in measurable changes and repeated consultation from major news outlets;
  • Worked with multiple local school boards to address repeated antisemitic incidents, including harassment, graffiti, and threats of violence, and develop board-wide strategies countering hate and antisemitism;
  • Participated in and represented at over 10 local Candle Lighting and Chanukah celebrations;
  • Monitored social media for the use of antisemitic tropes by local groups and individuals, reporting where appropriate and confronting where necessary, including engaging local government and law enforcement when necessary;
  • Called out and engaged local elected officials on their injudicious language suggesting antisemitic tropes. Effectively engineered retraction and community alignment;
  • Created a Public Policy Working Group to advise Federation’s Board on legislative and policy issues at local, state and federal levels;
  • Continued to develop partnerships and engagement outside the community including with the Rockland County Pride Center and the Iqra Darul Ehsan in Suffern;
  • Advised and assisted the New York State Department of Health in addressing local Public Health needs in Rockland;
  • Engaged with and advised Rockland County Human Rights Commission, New York State Division of Human Rights, and Governor Hochul’s office on local and statewide issues including antisemitism, Holocaust Education in Public Schools, and broader hate and bias prevention issues.

In the coming year we will bring education opportunities to the community about diversity within and beyond the community; enhance and expand educational programming on antisemitism, prejudice & intolerance; Initiate a Good Citizenship/Kiddush Hashem agenda; and develop programming on the intersection of anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

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