Dustin Hausner is a member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Rockland, as well as a member of our Community Relations Committee. We share Dustin's thoughts in the aftermath of this week’s election. 

On Tuesday, many of us exercised our civic duty for our country that we love on Election Day. People came out in large numbers all across the country and voted. In all elections, clearly we have candidates who win and candidates who don't. On Tuesday there were victories I am very happy about and losses I am very upset about. I know this holds true for many of us, leaving some excited and others devastated. And some of the races, such as those in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada will take more time before a winner is identified.

What is essential in any strong democracy is not only the participation of the public in the electoral process, but the peaceful transition of power. No matter the election results, I believe we the people need to come together in order to build a better future for all.

I sincerely congratulate all those that won in the village, town, state, county, and national level, and I thank all those who did not prevail, for your passion and commitment to public service. Any candidacy for any office is challenging, and all candidates deserve our thanks for being part of the democratic process. Not to be forgotten are their volunteers, supporters and staffers, whose hard work and dedication fuels this essential process.

I know the election results are still raw and some people will need time to reflect before they can move forward. Your candidates may have won, they may have lost; but we are all Americans. Our great nation has survived many challenges, and thrived in overcoming them. We have accomplished this only by working together. We must continue to move forward, to find common ground when possible and work together, not just for ourselves, but for the benefit and prosperity of future generations.