Rockland Businesses Supporting Israel

Wesley Kosher

Shortly after October 7, Wesley Kosher created a sizable display of dozens of hostage posters on their front window. Chaim Weiss, manager, says, "Wesley Kosher supports Israel and that's why we have this display of posters showing Israelis kidnapped by Hamas on October 7. The world needs to know and never forget about the torture, murders and kidnapping suffered by Israelis. They need our support and the hostages must be released!" Wesley Kosher
455 Route 306
Monsey, NY


Gorgeous K Salon

Kathia Berjuste, owner of Gorgeous K Salon in Orangeburg, said she didn't hesitate to hang a hostage poster on her door. "A man asked if I would hang the poster, and of course I said yes. I care about people who are suffering. Innocent people were killed and others were taken. Justice is needed now."

32 Orangetown Shopping Center
Orangeburg, NY