Rockland Businesses Supporting Israel

Allie’s Bakery

Celia Moscoso, who owns Allie’s Bakery with her husband, Rosalio, said that having a hostage poster on her window felt like a natural thing to do. “I think it is important to hang these signs because we can’t forget these people. They were kidnapped and all human life is important. It doesn’t matter what religion they are. We all have to care about each other.”

21 Orangetown Shopping Center


Chocolatier Matisse

Danielle Hudak, proprietor of Chocolatier Matisse, said "I have a poster in my window of an Israeli who was kidnapped on October 7 because it is important to remember all innocent victims of terror attacks. Their names and faces can't be forgotten, and everything needs to be done to get them back home."

32 Orangetown Shopping Center