Rockland Businesses Supporting Israel

New City Barber Shop

Michael Rohat, Owner

“Israel is in my heart and soul because I'm Israeli and I have family there. My Mom lives on a kibbutz near Sderot, where Hamas attacked, tortured and murdered more than 50 Israelis, and destroyed their homes and more. I'm so thankful my Mom is ok. I follow the news from Israel online, and since the attack, I'm reading it day and night. Many customers have thanked me for hanging the flag in the window. And I have a flag flying on my car when there’s no rain.”

Clarkstown Plaza
242 S. Main St.
New City, NYM


Duke of Oil

Lenny Siegel,Owner

“Israel is a big part of my life. My wife is Israeli and most of her family lives there. Our hearts are with the Israeli people, and that's why the wall monitors in my shop show the faces of the hostages brutally taken by Hamas on October 7. My parents, who were Holocaust Survivors, instilled the love for Israel in me at a very early age and that has stayed with me throughout my life.”

86 N. Main St.
New City, NY