Community Relations Committee Update

By Rich Levin

The hotly-contested political campaigns of 2017 are over, but the ugly rhetoric continues. The Community Relations Committee of Federation continues to monitor social media. We are in frequent contact with the administrators of some of the social media platforms on which some of the more problematic posts have been seen, and we have been successful in having particularly vile material removed from those sites.

Additionally, representatives of the CRC and Federation meet frequently with political and governmental leaders to make them aware of our concerns.  Recently, CRC and Federation, along with local clergy, met with the Supervisor of Orangetown to express our concerns about proposed legislation that would attempt to restrict the creation of an eruv in Orangetown. We are confident that our voices were heard and we hope for a positive change in the legislation.

As part of its efforts to bring together the entire Jewish community of Rockland, we have reached out to the Orthodox communities to explore ways in which Federation and those communities can work together to foster our mutual interests. More to come on this front as we work to improve lines of communication and dialogue.

The Community Relations Committee of Rockland Federation will remain vigilant as we continue to address issues of social justice and advocate on behalf of Rockland’s Jewish community. Please address any questions or comments to CRC chair Steve Gold at


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