Federation Donors of 18 Years or More

List compiled on September 27, 2016

Please note: Over the years Federation’s database has changed many times and therefore names may have been inadvertently left off of this list. If this is the case, please let us know immediately and we will gladly correct our records. Thank you!

Mark and Roberta Aaronson
Lila Abraham
Marvin and Sheila Abrams
David and Ellen Abramson
Paul and Mary Adler
Lillian Adler
Trudy Album
Harriet Allen
Richard and Elaine Allinson
Andrew and Alyse Alper
Stanley and Susan Alpert
Zelda Altman
Norma Andrews
Leonard and Bess Anish
Theodore and Myrna Arin
Eugene Arkin
Donald and Janice Arnstein
Ronald and Tina Aroesty
Peter and Sandra Aron
Jeffrey and Meryl Aronowitz
Stanley and Roberta Ast
Red Avner
Alvin and Myra Bachman
Sherman and Carol Baker
Mark and Fran Barabell
Suzanne Barber
Herbert and Susan Bard
Cynthia Becher
Paul and Libby Becker
Stanley and Beverly Becker
Philip and Ellyse Berg
Marion Berger
Victor and Honey Berger
Simon & Stefany Bergson
Harvey and Linda Berk
Michael and Sheryl Berkowitz
Stuart and Leona Berman
Albert & Elaine Bernstein
Martin and Suzanne Bernstein
Harvey and Beth Bernstein
Daniel and Joan Berson
Julius and Harriet Besselman
Jay and Bonnie Bialek
Donald and Bernice Bienenfeld
Miles and Beverly Bierman
Ronald and Linda Bing
Mel and Joan Birnbaum
Neal and Sheryl Blackstein
Ira Blassberg
Carol and Andy Blau
Morton and Beverly Bloom
Gerald Bloom
Paul and Rae Ellen Bloom
Harry & Marianne Bloomfeld
Malcolm and Dorothy Blotner
Stanley and Helen Blum
Sharyn Bobroff
Jerome and Cora Bodkin
Robert and Kathleen Bookman
Charles and Sally Borgman
Jacob and Deanna Boris
Paul & Ann    Borsuk
Wendy Bosalavage
Herbert and Frances Boxer
Roberta Bretschneider
Elaine Brooks Batkoff
Norman and Selma Brotman
Irvin and Nancy Brown
Stewart and Geri Buxbaum
Edith Caesar
Richard and Marilyn Casper
Paul and Sandra Chaitin
Miriam Chamak
Norman and Cynthia Chatzinoff
Jerry and Simona Chazen
Murray and Sandy Cohen
Daniel and Ellyn Cohen
Gerta Coopersmith
Alfred and Phyllis Cypes
Joan David
Irwin and Reva Davis
Susan Delson
Robert and Marilyn Derector
Joseph and Frances Deutsch
Joseph and Lynn Deutsch
Nathan and Madeline Distler
Alan and Cheryl Doberman
David and Leslie Drassner
Seymour and Pearl Dubbs
Martin and Miriam Dubner
Fred and June Dubrowsky
Sheldon and Bernice Dworkin
Rosalie Eckstein
Stuart and Elaine Edelstein
Mitchell and Ellyn Egenberg
Brian and Pessie Ehrlich
Mark and Cindy Einstein
Allan and Estelle Eisenkraft
Yehuda and Judith Eliezri
Alan and Bonnie Elkin
Laurel Ellman
Alan and Elinor Farber
David and Marian Fass
Ron and Barbara Federman
Amnon & Janet Fein
Fred and Jeannine Feinstein
Walter and Barbara Fiedler
Barbara Fischer
Arthur and Diane Fishman
Edward and Sandra Folb
Mark and Nancy Forman
Bruce and Ilene Fox
Steven and Ruth Frei
Barry and Jane Fried
Herbert and Miriam Friedman
Marcia Friedman
Norman Friedman
Barry and Francine Friedman
Harold and Beverly Frisch
Mimi Frishman
Melvin Fudin
Howard and Harriet Fuld
Dennis and Debora Gaber
Gary and Renee Garbus
Alan and Elinor Garfinkel
Bernard and Mimi Gelb
Allen and Sharon Gendler
Ruth Geneslaw
Howard and Marla Gerner
David Gilbert
Lewis and Susan Glantz
Robert and Lois Glick
Phyllis Globman
Randolph and Joy Glucksman
Alice Golar
Steve and Helene Gold
Jay and Roslyn Goldberg
Alvin and Helaine Goldberg
Barbara Goldenberg
Janice Goldfarb
Michael and Elizabeth Goldmann
Myron and Judy Goldner
Irwin and Leslie Goldress
Martin and Roberta Goldstein
Saul Goldstein
Arthur and Susan Goldstein
Stan and Lisel Goodman
Martin and Norma Gottlieb
Alan and Fern Gottlieb
Jeff and Sydell Green
Leon and Debra Greenbaum
Martin and Zeeva Greenberg
Fredric and Judith Greenberg
Marty and Vanessa Greenberg
Leonard and Brenda Greenberg
William and Rochelle Greenberg
Richard and Kay Greenblatt
Niles and Audrey Greenhut
Fred and Pam Greenspan
Joseph and Rae Greenwald
Ken and Judy Gribetz
Leonard and Elizabeth Gross
Robert and Robin Grosser
Irwin and Marilyn Haberman
Jack and Sheron Habif
Norman and Ruth Hamer
Howard and Sandra Hammer
Jerry and Wendy Hammerman
Scott and Lorraine Hazan
Doris & John Heath
Jeffrey and Elaine Heck
Albert and Sharon Heffes
Joe and Gloria Heffler
Burton and Zelda Heller
Elliot and Sally Heller
Arnold and Evelyn Herbert
Todd and Robyn Herbst
Jacob and Deborah Hiller
Roslyn Hirsch
Daniel and Judith Hoffman
Richard and Fran Hofstetter
Irwin and Eve Hollander
Ellen Holtzman
Joe and Naomi Honor
Jeffrey and Pamela Horowitz
Roslyn Hurwitz
Gary and Beth Israel
Marvin Joachim
Ronald and Sue-Ellen Johnson
Judy Josephs
Joan Kahn
Murray and Rina Kalender
Mark and Fran Kalman
David and Elaine Kanef
Barry and Sharon Kantrowitz
Peter and Joyce Kanyuk
Betty Kaplan
Joel and Joan Kaplan
Phil and Arline Katz
Barry and Michele Katz
Daniel and Gail Katz
Frederick and Marsha Kaufman
Elaine Kelter
Lawrence and Joan Kerker
Henry and Ana Kessler
Doris Kessler
Alan and Deborah Kessler
Lawrence and Alice Kintisch
David and Elayna Kirschtel
Stuart and Ethel Kirshner
Steven and Marilyn Klein
Abraham and Marilyn Kleinman
Richard and Sharlene Knel
Edward and Ann Koenig
Janine and Steven Kolinsky
Irwin and Susanne Kolodny
Jeanette Kops
Alan and Gail Koss
Warren and Phyllis Kossin
Stuart and Ronnie Kossoff
Iris Kramer
Moshe and Eveline Kranzler
David and Rebecca Kraushaar
Burton and Karen Kreindel
Paul and Gerri Kurland
Walter and Ellen Kurtzman
Alan and Ailene Lamer
Harvey and Arlene Lander
Arthur and Sandra Landes
Howard and Florence Langer
Howard and Mary-Ruth Lasner
Gerald and Florence Lebenberg
Mark and Karen Lefkowitz
Mitchell and Rochelle Leibowitz
Robert and Diane Leifer
Morton and Felice Leifer
Arthur Lemay
Jay and Brenda Lender
Frederick & Annie Letzter
David and Linda Levin
Richard and Melinda Levin
Julius and Hermine Levine
Bruce and Ann Levine
Ethel Levine
Bruce and Lois Levitt
Lawrence and Jeannette Levitt
Bruce and Rhonda Levy
Edward and Nancy Levy
Lionel and Dorothy Lewis
Irwin and Judith Librot
Gordon and Florence Liebergall
Ernest and Harriet Lieman
Irene Lindenberg
Ira & Mindy    Lipson
Walter & Margorie Lipson
Manfred and Judith Lomnitz
Stella Lubetsky
Bruce and Caren Maggin
Clifford and SimaMalat
Maurice Malin
Joseph and Maxine Manber
Gail Mandel
Steven and Linda Mandell
Kenneth and Katrina Manne
Sam and Selma Marcovici
Seymour and Mimi Marenberg
Gerald and Judith Marenoff
William and Stella Margolies
Gilbert and Arlene Marin
Jerome and Frances Marton
Ronald and Hagit Mass
Howard and Stephanie Meiner
Morris Meisner
Frances Melamed
David and Rhoda Mendell
Eugene and Nancy Mendelsohn
Henry and Lynda Meyers
Jack and Janet Miller
Elliot and Sharon Mitchel
Max and Kenie Mittleman
June Molof
Craig and Nancy Morris
Alan Moskin
Marlene Moskowitz
Sidney Moskowitz
Ross and Arlene Moskowitz
Douglas and Susan Negrin
Jerry and Helena Nejman
Theodore and Hazel Newler
Eliott Newman
Doris Newman
Temie Nussbaum
Robert and Carol Ann Odgis
Sheldon and Judy Ohren
David Oringer
Herbert & Rayner Palace
William & Helga Pamm
Gideon Panter
Sidney Paul
Alvin and Roberta Paullay
Laurance and Linda Paver
Fred and Jean Peck
Zelda Pepper
Rita Perlin
Daniel and Ruth Pernick
Scott and Paula Perretz
Erna Pfeffer
Bruce and Rose Pollack
Stephen and Karen Pollak
Fred and Rae Price
Steven and Toby Rabinowitz
Lawrence and Amy Rapoport
Bernard and Beverly Rapp
Martin and Linda Raskin
Steven and Sydney Ratnow
Barbara Reich
Irving and Marilyn Reiser
Stephen and Arlene Reiss
Allen and Sheila Reiter
Martin and Elaine Resnik
Marvin and Barbara Rosen
Jack and Barbara Rosen
Arthur and Florence Rosen
Fred and Karen Rosen
Stuart and Barbara Rosenthal
Steve and Gwen Rosenzweig
Alfred & Eileen Rossi
Howard and Beatrice Roth
Howard and Elaine Roth
Richard and Catherine Rothbard
Robert and Wendy Rothenhaus
Rosalyn & Eric Ruhm
Barry and Linda Russin
Walter and Helen Sadowsky
Stuart and Linda Safier
Jeffrey and Marilyn Sapir
Estelle Sarna
Joseph and Pearl Schachner
Marlene Schachter
Seymour and Renee Scharf
Craig and Nancy Scheff
Alan and Myrna Schenkel
David and Linda Schept
Irwin and Terry Schiff
Rose Schiller
Howard and Sharon Schneider
Philip and Judy Schnelwar
Bruce and Renee Schnur
Michael and Bryna Schoenbart
Barbara Schoenberg
Barry and Laurie Schoenhaut
Marc and Nina Schreck
Jack and Barbara Schreiber
Marian Schwartz
Morris and Tillie Schwartz
Peter and Sheryl Schwartz
Sheila Schwartz
Aram and Lisa Schwartz
Meryl and Jeffrey Schwartz
Ivan and Phyllis Seidenberg
Arthur and Roberta Seitzman
Arnold Seligson
Joanne Sena
Jay and Charlotte Shaffer
Martin and Carole Shapiro
Marc and Linda Shapiro
Leonard and Deanne Shapiro
Mark and Ingrid Sheiman
Warren and Marsha Sherman
Kenneth and Karen Sherman
Jerrold and Debra Sholtz
Barry and Carol Silberfarb
Flora Silver
Howard and Sharon Silverbrand
David and Sheila Silverman
Lois and Robert Silverman
James and Marcia Simon
Isaac and Marilyn Siskind
Marc and Maxine Skopov
David and Marla Slater
Alvin and Roberta Slavin
Sandra Sloan
Robert and Leah Slotnick
Kenneth Small
Estelle Sollish
Michael and Ruth Solomon
Martin and Grace Soloway
Theodora Sonntag
Charlotte Sorger
Philip and Joan Soskin
Henry and Judy Sosland
Ilse Spatz
Michael and Marian Spolter
Mark Srulowitz
Michael and Nancy Steckler
Dorothy Stegman
Natalie Stein
Henry and Phyllis Stein
Jeffrey and Naomi Steinberg
Irwin and Selma Stelzer
Risa Stern
William and Sonia Stern
Jules and Lila Stern
Bernard and Ruth Storch
Howard and Lila Strassberg
James and Phyllis Strauss
Michael and Rita Sukenick
Warren and Gail Suna
Irving and Linda Suss
David and Anita Talmas
Arnold and Esther Tanowitz
Albert and Beatrice Tarendash
Howard and Melodie Teich
Alan and Lisa Teitelbaum
Philip and Harriet Teplitzky
Philip and Linda  Thau
Steve and Lilly Tomor
Walter and Leslie Tremsky
Marilyn Troy
Joseph and Gail Tuchman
Ellen Tuckman
Michael and Cheryl Turkel
Stuart and Ruth Turner
Arthur and Phyllis Tuttle
Scott Ugell
Bob and Marion Van Pelt
Bruce and Linda Varon
Wendell and Jill Wahren
Steven and Carol Wallach
Steven and Jacalyn Walzer
Barry Warner
Mark and Ellen Warner
Allan and Brenda Warsaw
Norm and Sheila Wasserman
Norman and Joy Weber
Robert and Stephanie Wechman
Marilyn Wechsler
Mark and Lisa Weidenbaum
Richard and Lillian Weinberger
Philip and Anita Weiner
Alfred and Renee Weiner
Howard and Judy Weingart
Jackie Weinstein
Josh and Shoshana Weisblat
Richard and Janice Weisman
Larry and Linda Weiss
Bruce and Sheila Weiss
Peter and Lois Weiss
Charna Weissman
Lucille Wexler
Howard and Freya Wiener
Warren and Terry Willen
Marjorie Wineburgh
Donald and Evelyn Winikoff
Harvey and Carolyn Wodar
Harriet Wolf
Lawrence and Carolyn Wolf
Jordan and Rebecca Wolf
William and Elaine Wolff
Kenneth and Harriet Wollenberg
Steven and Shelley Yablon
Barry and Beverly Yarkon
Al and Paula    Yassky
Simon and Robin Young
Allen and Gerri Zabusky
Lynne Zaklin
Ben and Hilde Zauderer
Jerome and Marla Zimmerman
Robert and Arline Zinaman
Bruce and Marlene Zinman
Gilbert and Lillian Zinn
Seymour and Marlie Zucker
David and Doris Zuckerberg
Barry and Nancy Zuckerman



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