Our Door is Open. Happy Passover!

Every year at the Seder we open the door for Elijah.  Legend has it, he comes with two things: blessings, and an opportunity to earn them.

Seize that opportunity right now. Extend a hand to friends, neighbors, and fellow Jews in need with your Passover gift to the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland County.

Your gift helps pay the utility bills for an elderly Holocaust survivor whose fixed income barely covers the rent. It enables Federation to work closely with our partner agencies, elected officials and law enforcement, to keep our community safe and thriving. It educates Jewish teens about Jewish values and life, so they can stand strong, confident in who they are. And that’s just here in Rockland.

Over the years, gifts to Jewish Federation have helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world…
100,000 Ethiopian Jews settling into new lives in Israel
250,000 Jews relying on Federation-partner JDC for food, shelter, clothing to survive brutal winters in the Former Soviet Union
8,000 Eastern European children and young adults rediscovering their heritage at JDC camps and family retreats.
500,000 young Jewish adults from more than 65 countries building stronger Jewish identities through Federation-supported Taglit-Birthright Israel

Yes, contributions from generous people like you have helped many people in need. But there’s still a lot of work to be done.
• $100 helps bring Shabbat dinner to 12 homebound Holocaust survivors.
• $72 helps support an elderly woman in Uzbekistan who cares for her orphaned granddaughter.
• $36 helps fund flyers and handouts for a college event, so Jewish students can stand together against campus anti-Semitism.

Your gift right now makes all of this possible in time for Passover.  

It provides food, shelter and medical care to the elderly and infirm. It counsels and supports the abused and disadvantaged. It inspires the next generation of Jews with education, scholarships and outreach.

Please make your gift of $100, $72 or $36 today. Give more if you can.

Thank you in advance for opening your heart to your neighbors here and around the world. And, as Elijah comes into your home, may you be blessed with health, good fortune and happiness.

Bob Silverman, Campaign Chair       Lisa Green, President       Gary Siepser, CEO



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