Packing the Car for the Road to the Future

By Gary Siepser, CEO

It’s summer! Many of us are planning or fondly remembering those family car trips. While we often asked, “Dad, when are we gonna get there?” we probably didn’t ask, “Dad, what route are we going to take?” This little article is to address the route Federation will be taking in the coming months as we strive to build a more vibrant, compassionate and unified Jewish Community.  The focus will be on 6 routes or strategies. These are:

  • Federation will build partnerships and coalitions, particularly with congregations and beneficiary agencies.
  • Federation will create opportunities for agencies and congregations to strengthen and enhance their own capacity to deliver on their own missions.
  • Federation will utilize Israel and Israeli sources as often as possible to fulfill its goals and encourage others to do so too.
  • Federation will continue as the community convener to address community-wide challenges and opportunities.
  • Federation will leverage volunteer, professional and philanthropic resources to help everyone achieve their collective goals.
  • Federation will build a culture grounded in openness and committed to excellence.

These are the strategies that will guide Federation as we go to work in the coming months.  Coming out of Community Weaving and other decisions, 10 exciting initiatives are being implemented which will add to the vitality of Jewish Rockland.  Thank you to the almost 70 community members, along with the Federation Board, who have participated in Community Weaving and developed some very exciting ideas. All of these are anchored in a collective approach to solving our shared challenges and shared future. Stay tuned!


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