Spring Has Arrived. Passover is Coming!

By Liraz Levi, Community Shaliach

Spring is here! I can finally hang out outdoors again! This time of the year is one of my favorites, when the sun is out, it’s getting warm again and you can enjoy the breeze outside. As someone who doesn’t like winter and the cold, for me it represents the beginning of summer.

When spring comes knocking, you know Passover is just around the corner. Passover is in my top 3 when it comes to Jewish holidays for multiple reasons. First of all, Passover is the best excuse to go crazy and clean your entire house. I really like order, having each and every thing in the right place, so it works for me. Also, I’m keeping kosher, and I’m taking the holiday as an opportunity to enjoy the special delicious food that my parents make once a year using matzahs and potatoes. For me, nothing compares to Passover when it comes to the feeling and togetherness and family. Since I was young, for each holiday we were all together for the week, being off from work and school or getting a vacation from the army.

This year will be a challenge for me, celebrating Passover far from home, and making my home environment kosher, as well as trying to make actual tasty food from matzahs. But two weeks ago I got the best news: my family is coming here for Pesach! They’ll come to New York for the first time in their lives, experiencing how it is here, although I’m pretty sure we’ll skip the tradition of having two Seder nights (too much for Israelis). Everybody will be here, my parents, my younger brother and even my older brother and my new sister-in-law! Sounds like the reunion of Full House after so many years! I’m so happy to have a chance to let my family get a sense of where I live and how supportive and amazing the Rockland community is. Wishing you all a great holiday, full of friends and family!

— Liraz

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