The Importance of Family

By Timna Mekaiten
Community Shlicha/Israel Emissary

February just started with Jewish Family (Mother's) Day, which was on the 30th of the Jewish month of Shevat.

On that day I sent my family a very emotional e-mail. I shared my deepest feelings of homesickness and love. I told them how lucky I am to be born to a family that can support me from afar; that they’re the reason I could move to the U.S. for the year. Because I know my family is here with me.

In 2002, my sister was hurt in a terrorist attack on a bus. Before then I was a rude teenager who wanted to be left alone and had a bad habit of slamming doors all around her. But I was lucky. Thankfully, some good came out of that terror attack and my family is closer, stronger, and filled with love for one another. We have an unbreakable bond.

After being part of Rockland Federation’s Super Sunday last week, I feel even more connected to what the great Avraham Infeld says: “We, Jews, are a FAMILY.” We have a rich history of sticking together in times of need. And even when everything is just dandy, you'll see us together. Just like a family, we make fun of each other, we pick on each other, and we care for each other.

So, let this message serve as a reminder to love our families, and our bigger one too, because a community is a family. A great way to start is with Purim, a time to celebrate our victory as people (once again) while we wear costumes and party like crazy! Purim reminds us just how special we really are.

We have the power to be really great…I know, because we're already great! And like Peter Parker is told by his uncle in the movie Spiderman: “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Let's use it wisely! J

- Timna 


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