The Light Unto the Nations

Three months have passed since I returned to Rockland. How did that happen?

I can’t believe it’s Chanukah already! Last year I didn’t have a menorah to light at home, so a principal of one of the Hebrew schools gave me one that she had made herself, and I thought at the time, how nice of her! Thinking about it now, isn’t that the essence of being Jewish? Just giving, no questions asked? When I look at the world and how dark it is these days I think Chanukah is right on time.

This holiday reminds me that darkness is always around. But you know what? Darkness is defined as the absence of light. Such a simple concept– if there no light, it’s dark.

So this is the perfect time to remind ourselves and the world that we are the light unto the nations. We are here to brighten things up, to bring good into the world and to create smiles.

So for this Chanukah I will do one good deed in the hope of starting a chain. Because I want to create smiles, and I want to brighten the world.

And maybe if it’s bright enough, Israel will see brighter times in the near future too.

Have a great holiday, filled with sufganyot (doughnuts) and followed by exercise! And beautiful candles and songs too.

— Timna Mekaiten, Community Shlicha
Jewish Federation of Rockland County


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