Be the Jewish Community You Want To See

Economic crisis. Rising anti-Semitism. Population decline.

It’s not easy being Jewish in Italy today. But that just makes Joseph and Sharon work even harder to show their pride in their Jewish and Italian heritage, pride they developed at Liceo Renzo Levi, Federation partner World ORT’s high school in Rome — now the only Jewish high school serving this centuries-old Jewish community.

“ORT gives us the courage to face the world with our Jewish identity,” says Sharon, a computer engineer. “It is easy to lose Jewish values when you begin a career. Today, everyone I work with knows that I am a Jew and respects me. I think that ORT has contributed to create the professional person I am.”

“The future depends on our capability to play an important part in Italian society,” says Joseph, a successful attorney, about his fellow ORT alumni. “If we will be able to cover strategic positions in the most important parts of political, social and economic sectors, we will have a future in Italy. We will be able to build a better country not only for ourselves, but for all of Italy.”