Kfar Silver

There may truly be a ceasefire and can only hope the rockets have stopped falling. We pray the ceasefire will hold.


Last week, we heard from Amos Gofer, CEO of Kfar Silver Youth Village (which is part of the ORT family) and Reuven Even Zur, its Deputy Director. In the webinar, they provided us with a first-hand account of what life is like for the students during these last challenging days.


When some kind of peace returns, we know that the trauma and anxiety will not go away easily for thousands of Israeli civilians. It’s why we support the Israel Trauma Coalition as it works with thousands of civilians helping the to cope with the fears they have been living with.


We are very concerned, even now, that the children at Kfar Silver Youth Village living in bomb shelters without proper ventilation, bedding, and toilets will begin to feel safer and more secure.


Please listen to Amos and Reuven here. After you do, please consider a donation of any size for Kfar Silver and the Israel Trauma Coalition. One hundred per cent of your donation will go to these two organizations.


Thank you for your generosity in these difficult times.