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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Federation & Foundation of Rockland County, we are pleased to present this annual report. Consistent with one of the core elements of our vision- to be an organization that acts with integrity- being transparent about our performance (both fiscally and programmatically) is key to being accountable for the resources to which we have been entrusted.

As the Federation for the nation’s most Jewishly dense and diverse population (both religiously and by country of origin), when we speak in one voice, people listen. This has translated into opportunities for security funding for the entire Rockland Jewish Communityas well as opportunities to be visible in various media outlets, in Albany and in Washington, D.C. We are proud of the work we have done to combat antisemitism and to ally with other vulnerable communities. But, as you read this report you will see that’s not all we have to be proud of.


Looking ahead, our Board has defined several goals via our strategic planning process.

These are a sample of the actions you can expect from the Federation:

  1. Incorporate proactive approaches to addressing antisemitism including, for example, celebrating our diversity and strengthening alliances with other vulnerable communities
  2. Expand our Security Initiative
  3. Leverage resources and expertise in the community to offer programming for: Jewish pride, diversity & inclusion, mental health & substance abuse, among others.
  4. Promote and celebrate institutions and non-profit/private partnerships delivering quality programs and services
  5. Update our allocations process and expand opportunities to beneficiary agencies & institutions to meet our strategic goals
  6. Respond to the changing needs of the community via a professional community assessment
  7. Enhance financial resources to meet community needs and provide targeted micro-campaign opportunities for directed giving to services, programs & partner institutions.

We look forward to your continuing input and collaboration. With your support, we will speak with one voice and act with common purpose.


Marcy Pressman,

Steve Gold,

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