Rockland Community Security Initiative


In the Spring of 2022, in the wake of COVID and in response to the growing threat of antisemitic violence, the Federation began development of a comprehensive security strategy. We secured multi-year funding with local donors, UJA Federation of New York, and the national LiveSecure initiative of Jewish Federations of North America and the Secure Communities Network. Your Federation was able to launch our local initiative in July 2022. Funding was secured - outside of Rockland’s annual campaign - for three years through June 2025, a commitment going forward from all parties of $600,000


In partnership with New York’s Community Security Initiative, our Director of Security, a 21 year NYPD veteran including 11 years with elite units, works with synagogues, schools, camps, and other Jewish institutions to raise the level of security for all of our community members.

Ahead of its first anniversary, the initiative has:

  • Engaged in initial or advanced consultation with over 100 local Jewish institutions;
  • Provided 29 vulnerability assessments to Jewish institutions essential to applying for state or federal grants;
  • Created an alert network for over 100 local Jewish institutions, integrated with regional alert systems;
  • Developed four-part comprehensive training program customized for synagogues; program completed by 4 synagogues to date;
  • Trained over 50 responders and community members in ‘Stop The Bleed’ and provided essential emergency equipment;
  • Worked with local law enforcement to provide ‘Active Threat’ training to 240 people in 9 synagogue and one camp sessions;
  • Built working relationships with local law enforcement senior leadership at village, town, county, and state levels (33);
  • Conducted greeter training for 60 people at 3 synagogues;
  • Conducted lockdown training for 60 people at 3 synagogues;
  • Provided briefings on current and potential threats to local government, law enforcement, and Jewish community leadership with security responsibilities;
  • Secured a high-profile, high-exposure event with complex security needs for over 2000 registrants and;
  • Additional consultations on cybersecurity (7), grant management (4), and other security issues are ongoing with multiple institutions and organizations in Rockland;
  • Developed working relationships with local emergency response organizations like Nanuet EMS Hatzolah and Chaverim.
Our director has worked with everyone from the smallest congregation in West Clarkstown to the largest in New Square. We thank the national organizations who have partnered with us, including Community Security Service, ADL, regional Jewish Security Alliance, JCRC, Agudath Israel, Secure Communities Network, and LiveSecure. We are grateful for the cooperation of all of our partners, locally, regionally, and national.

Looking forward, the Rockland Community Security Initiative will double the number of Jewish institutions engaged by 2025. The Initiative will provide multiple briefing and learning opportunities each year to participating institutions in Rockland, conduct additional training and assessments as per demand, and continue to develop improved and increased engagement with law enforcement.

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