Ukraine Emergency Relief & Directed Giving


As part of a nationwide emergency campaign, Federation raised almost $100,000 to date from 400 local donors to support the work of over two dozen Jewish relief agencies working in Ukraine, Poland, and other Eastern European countries. Federation’s umbrella organization, Jewish Federations of North America, spearheaded an effort that has raised close to $90 million, one of the largest such fundraising efforts in the world. Federation also facilitated donations to relief efforts for last summer’s hurricane affecting Florida’s west coast through our sister Federation of Charlotte and Lee County, as well as directing relief for the spring earthquake in Turkey through JFNA. We also raised funds for security needs, helping the vulnerable locally, and confronting food insecurity in Israel through targeted microcampaigns.

Looking ahead, Federation plans to continue utilizing microcampaigns - online directed campaigns leveraging matching donors - for causes such as emergency relief, security, helping the vulnerable, or supporting partner organizations in Israel,

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