Our Global Work

Stories of the work we do around the world

A More Colorful Education in Israel

Edan Tigabo only wanted to learn. But it sometimes felt like there was no place in Israel for a girl who could barely fill her stomach to also fill her mind.

Out of place at her public school, she transferred to the Hodayot religious youth village in the lower Galilee. The school community…

Forging Culture from Conflict: The Healing Power of Art in Sderot

Mention the Negev city of Sderot, and most people think of rockets. But when Liron Max and Sharon Ken-Dor moved to town, they saw something else: a city thirsty for art.

So they gathered 18 artists and formed Umm Culture House with the goal of creating a truly local art for Sderot. Displaye…

Making Every Day Health Day in Bosnia

It’s Health Day in Kakanj, a small town just north of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nela Hasic and her team are providing free breast exams, health consultations and culturally-sensitive education for more than 100 women and children.

It may not seem like enough in a country where 4…

From Struggling Single Mother to Hero to Those in Need

The best decision I ever made was also the most dangerous. Fourteen years ago, I found the courage to take my three young boys, leave my ex-husband and start a new life. But my new freedom came at a cost—I couldn’t afford preschool for the boys or even fresh produce.


That’s when t…

An Immigrant's Journey Comes Full-Circle

How does a young woman from Moldova become a fierce advocate on behalf of Hispanic immigrants? The Jewish community, of course.

Lana and her family escaped the crumbling Soviet Union in 1990 with the help of Federation beneficiary HIAS. Though they arrived with only $600 to their name, th…