Jewish Voices, Jewish Lives

It’s what we do every day. Whether it’s the food we favor…a bagel with shmear… or the drive to repair the world…tikkun olam, we Jews are there, especially in Rockland County. We plan to bring Doing Jewish to you every Friday. Sometimes it’ll be fun, sometimes it’ll be serious.

Looking Inward, Looking Forward.

A concern has been growing on my mind and the minds of a number of us for some time now. Though we at Federation have strived to bring meaningful programming and opportunities to actively engage in supporting Israel and the Jewish people, there has been a continuing diminishing of participat…

The New Guard

A few days ago, I was spending some time with my elder children, who were visiting from Canada. Later in the evening we sat down to watch a movie - The Old Guard - starring Charlize Theron as an immortal who becomes tired of trying to save the world from itself again and again, until she is …

It’s Time to Come Together: Register for these important events

Dear Federation Friends -

We have planned meaningful programs and events taking place during this post-Pesach period, and prior to Shavuot (June 11). They are highlighted in this newsletter and we would be delighted if you joined us.

On May 19 at 7 p.m., hear deeply touching words from Shi…

Left and Right

And the water was for them as a wall, from their right and their left.

Exodus-Shemot 14:29

On these latter days of Pesach, tradition tells us that the Children of Israel approached the Reed Sea, pursued by the might of the Egyptian Empire. Of course, the miracle of the splitting of the sea…

He Who Neither Slumbers nor Sleeps

Many of us head into the first days of Pesach having spent the previous couple of weeks cleaning and preparing. We are drained, exhausted.

When I was about 12, our family was in the kosher food business, and we had just opened a second location a few months before Pesach. It was always a b…